September 2016

CoolTraxx Outdoor is pleased to announce the launch of its new website!  New autumn stock is just arriving and the company will be busy adding products over the coming weeks. There will also be some exciting new developments to watch out for.  Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.


August 2016

CoolTraxx Outdoor is delighted to announce the acquisition of leading brands RAVINE Sport and METEOR (Lifestyle) Technologies, bringing 2 popular and exciting labels into the group. RAVINE Sport manufactures a range of sports clothing, equipment and sports footwear.  Selected models from the Winter 2016 range will be available shortly.  METEOR Tech is a leading producer of ActionCams, Car DashCams, Personal Safety Cams, Underwater Cams, CCTV, GPS systems and Personal Tracker devices. CoolTraxx Outdoor will introduce selected models from the range through its new website due to launch first week September.


May 2016

CoolTraxx Outdoor has this month been appointed exclusive European supplier for the all-grips brand of winter snow & ice footgrips.  The range made popular by all-grips over recent years will now be available on this website and some new models will also be introduced for Winter 2016 season


May 2016

CoolTraxx Outdoor has been appointed sole global retailer for the unique COOLTRAXX CTX winter and all-season footgrip range.  All retail models will be available exclusively through this website and will include footgrips for walking & hiking, cycling, winter snow & ice, fishing & wading, trail-running and horse-riding.  These footgrips will feature the patent-protected CTX inter-changeable cassette system that has revolutionised the footgrip industry.  All industrial and work-place models of the CTX range will continue to be available exclusively through COOLTRAXX Limited at