Winter Hiking Checklist – Everything You Need For a Safe & Comfortable Hike

If you're planning a few winter hikes like the team here at CoolTraxx, you’ll want to make it as safe and enjoyable as possible. Discover our essential Winter Hiking Checklist of the must-have equipment and of course snacks to take with you to ensure a, you don’t get lost, b, you stay safe and c, everyone enjoys themselves. Read our Winter Hiking Checklist below and enhance your outdoor experience with CoolTraxx Outdoor.

Winter Hiking Checklist – Everything You Need For a Safe & Comfortable Hike

Never get lost again…

Falk Tiger Geo

No matter where your adventure takes you on your winter hike, you'll never worry about getting lost with the Falk TIGER GEO. From the makers of in-car GPS for the likes of Mercedes Benz, the Falk TIGER GEO navigation system for hiking and cycling has pre-installed UK & Ireland maps as standard (only available at Cooltraxx Outdoor) along with 25 other European countries.

Making a spontaneous trip? The circular route feature makes this possible. Choose from up to 3 alternative routes for your favourite round trip!


The Falk TIGER GEO also benefits from the following features:

- Large, easy to use 3.5 "screen
- Maps pre-installed for hiking, cycling, biking and geocaching
- My circular route and alternative routes each including altitude profile and more
- Drag and drop routing allowing you to put together your own favourite tour quickly and easily.
- Real-time altitude profiling so you can conserve energy perfectly and you know how far it is to the summit or mountain pass!
- Fully waterproof


Shop the Falk TIGER GEO at the special, limited time only launch price of £169 (RRP £195), here.



Let them run freeeeeee (but not too free)

personal SOS tracker

Taking the family dog? Alleviate the worry about them running off and getting lost with this multipurpose METEOR SOS tracker. Not only can you use this tool as a personal tracker which can also make an SOS call if you run into trouble, but you can also attach the device to your dog’s collar so you can then track its location via your phone or PC for peace of mind.


Shop the Personal Tracker for just £89 here.


dog tracker



No more backache!

Ravine Sports Backpack

Store all of your hiking essentials in this specially designed RAVINE Sports Backpack designed to evenly distribute the weight of your backpack to ensure comfort on your outdoor adventure.


From £89, shop the RAVINE Sport 55+5L Backpack here.



No slipping and sliding here.


From ice and snow to wet grass and mud, our very own walking and hiking premium FootGrips are the only grips you’ll ever need. Designed to fit over almost all walking boots and shoes, these FootGrips are guaranteed to give outstanding grip performance.


For just £24.95, shop the CoolTraxx OVERLANDER Premium FootGrips here.

 holiday hiking


Essential Winter Hiking snacks…


winter snacks 

If you’re planning short day hikes, we’ve compiled a great list of winter snacks to keep you fuelled throughout the day. These may not be the traditional, protein packed snacks used for hard-core trails but are ideal for fun family hikes. Find the recipes below: 


Red Onion Chutney and Goats Cheese Sausage Roll
Create a delicious flask of soup such as our favourite sweet potato and butternut squash recipe

- Carrot and pepper sticks with hummus in a plastic jar (don’t use glass jars to minimise accidents)
- As well as water bottles, homemade fruit yoghurt smoothies provide a tasty and nutritional snack at any time of the day. We recommend this avocado and strawberry recipe
Roasted cumin spiced chickpeas and almonds are a great snack filled with taste and protein. The salt within this recipe should also help with cramps


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If you're not sure what you need for your upcoming hiking trip, get in touch with us here.