About Us

Welcome to CoolTraxx Outdoor

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality outdoor accessories & equipment that will complement your everyday kit.  For the last 6 years, our brand has been synonymous with quality, reliability and the development of innovative new products that will add to your safety, comfort and personal well-being.

Although our products are for everyone, we do not try to be all things to all people - and we are definately not just another outdoor equipment supplier! We focus on specific outdoor pursuits and while of course we offer popular brands in those activities, our main aim is to introduce different and alternative products that emphasise the characteristics that have become the hallmark of our own brands. We combine innovative product design with smart technologies and new market trends and apply that combination to our focussed range of outdoor leisure and sporting accessories to bring you an all-round package of enjoyment and added protection.

In addition to manufacturing our own world-class products, we work with many leading brands including FITBIT, GARMIN, Cardo, PELLIOT and TomTom. We are exclusive Global Distributors for the METEOR Technologies and RAVINE Sport brands and we have also been appointed UK & Ireland Distributors for the leading TIGER Cycling & Hiking GPS systems manufactured by German electronics giant, United Navigation.

Our range is aimed at the popular Lifestyle Activities of Walking & Hiking, Cycling, Running, Golf, Fishing & Wading and Horse-Riding.  As well as offering smart sports watches and golf course GPS watches, our Electronics section also includes wristbands & trackers to monitor your health & well-being. On-the-Road products give motorists, motorcyclists and cyclists the latest in camera & tracker safety systems and our Winter Snow & Ice section provides the very best in Footgrip Technology and other winter safety essentials.  Our new Heated Gear section delivers new & exclusive items for Winter warm-wear.

Our range is seasonal, ever-growing and ever-changing with lots of new ideas to improve your outdoor enjoyment and safety.  Get in touch - our Customer Services Team is always ready to respond to your enquiries. 


Ben Horton, CEO